Friday, May 1, 2009


正在选大专吗? 选科系吗 ?

Curtin University 是一所不错的选择 。 。 。
可是千万不要选 Applied Geology.
因为在里头有一只贱狗! 它的名字叫做- - 皮的鸡泥!



黄皮肤:erm, sorry... may i know what rock is this ? & the mineral inside is it Quartz ?
皮的鸡泥:(用歧视的目光) ha ha u should know by now ! It's not quartz, figure out yourself !

白皮肤的笨蛋:hey, what rock is this ? What mineral is inside the rock ?
皮的鸡泥: (用温柔的目光)hello, how r u 2day ? This rock is andesite , & the minerals,
quartz is inside, biotite is inside , & K-feldspar 。

mother fucker !

can u guys see the difference between 黄皮肤 & 白皮肤的笨蛋?
你他妈的皮的鸡泥,你没教我们那知道啊! 如果我们懂,我们还需要低声下气的去问你?

如果皮的鸡泥用此方法来教黄皮肤的,我就不信我们拿不到 Top Student Award .!

-〉mother fucker bitch !

So, 不要在垦厅学GEOLOGY !
原本对石头有天大的兴趣可是遇上像皮的鸡泥的他妈的大笨蛋, 你玩完了。。。

了吗? 小弟弟小妹妹!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Teacher: Ah Kau, if your father has $10 and you ask him for $6, how much would your father still have?

Ah Kau: $10.

Teacher: You don't know Maths.

Ah Kau: You don't know my father la!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mooncake Festival Celebration

14 September 2008
It's Mooncake Festival...
Everything was good but the thing is ...
my lantern has been JAILED in Erica Underwood House's office
" EUH office is not open till monday "
Dammm ...
i just received the notification letter tat morning bout my parcel & the office is NOT OPEN!
wat the F* !
The lantern festival is tat SUNDAY wat the stupid hockey !
but luckily
Nelson bought me a lantern
so tat my mooncake festival not tat bad ...
damm erica !

I planned this celebration ..
I will said tat it's a great success ?
( except for the lantern matter )
We had steamboat tat nite
- Tom Yam / Boring chicken soup / MA LA HUO Guo -
nice nice nice
Everybody was invited to this party
ME, Wan Ching , Eva, Rachael , Nelson , Theo,Alfred, Ian, Benson, Chieng & Jimmy

After having our dinner , we went for a walk from EUH to Curtin Uni with our LANTERN
* yay *

Poor Ian after kena Aluba ..
y kena aluba?
cuz his bday he dint kena lar
poor IAN ...
Miss R is still thr ...

BENSON emo-ing ..

Theo dancing ?

3 pretty ladies
credit to lee hui who took this pretty pics
something fishy goin here ...
wondering wat's with tat ...
i dint say anythin, alfred
I dint !
I dint !

Reaching for the moon ?

* Group Pic *

After walkin around wif our lantern ...
it's about 12 am ?
Mooncake festival OVER dy lor...
when we reached home
we had the mooncake which sam som brought from Msia during his last visit to Perth
We had it with ..
crazy ppl
mooncake + wine = pimples !
but it's NICE


Saturday, September 13, 2008

My First Perfume

tatz my baby ....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Esther !

" Happy birthday to you ,
Happy Birthday to u ....
Happy birthday to ESTHER !!!!
Happy Birthday to you !!!!! "

Happy birthday ESTHER KIM !